Day: November 26, 2004

One last time…

Drove into Arlington today for the last time as residents of this Northern Virginia county.

On Monday, we hand over the keys and title to the 1,320 square feet of high rise condominium that has served as home for nearly 24 years and leave the county as visitors, heading 300 miles southwest for our new home, and a hell of a lot more space, about five miles outside of Floyd.

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112604creek.jpgMoonlight on water plays a lot of tricks, both with the eyes and the camera. This shot of a a moonlit night on a creek in Indian Valley illustrates that point.

What time the meanest brick and stone
Take on a beauty not their own,
And past the flaw of builded wood
Shines the intention whole and good,
And all the little homes of man
Rise to a dimmer, nobler span;
When colour’s absence gives escape

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The fog of Thanksgiving

112504fog.jpgThe rain begat fog and the fog hung low over the meadow on Thanksgiving morning.

Then the wind came and the fog went away, burned off by the sun and blown away by the wind.

The wind brought colder temperatures and the winter that seemed to forget it was November arrived on Turkey Day. Then, late in the afternoon, spitting snow and a warning of flurries in the forecast.

Welcome to winter.

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On the fence

112504cat.jpgOne of the strays that now calls the farm home finds a bug while guarding the fence.

The influx of strays started with a few cats dumped alongside the road, then grew as the toms came visiting and kittens arrived shortly afterwards.

They stay because they have nowhere else to go. Stray animals are always a problem in rural areas.

Far too many are dumped by owners who would rather get rid of what they see as a problem than try to find the animals a good home.

Stray animals must have a jungle telegraph because the words spreads when some find a home and more appear out of nowhere.

What’s the answer? I don’t know. As long as people treat animals as disposable commodities we will have strays. All we can hope is that they find a home before the elements kill them.

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