Day: January 18, 2005

On display…

Oddfellas Cantina in Floyd reopens on Wednesday (January 19) after their New Year’s break and my photos will be on display on the walls. Among

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Facing the morning

When I lived in the city I hated mornings. Mornings meant facing traffic, noise and the anger of people with too much on their mind trying to cope with too much stress in too little time.

But I wake up now and watch the sun come in through the trees on a cold, crisp winter morning in the mountains and can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face.

In the city, I would have four or five cups of coffee in my system by 8 a.m. Commuting into the district meant packing myself into a crowded subway car or fighting bumper-to-bumper traffic for cover five miles in 45 minutes.

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