Day: March 8, 2005

What tha…?

030805snow.jpgFirst rain, now snow? The flakes started falling about 30 minutes ago and the ground is already white. The winds have whipped a temperature of 29 degrees into a wind chill of 18.

Lord it is going to be a long, long March.

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And now for something completely different

Tonight, I face a half-dozen or so students in what will be my first-ever attempt to teach. The course in question is “Introduction to Digital Photography,” a four-week affair at The Jacksonville Center in Floyd.

In my sordid past, I’ve faced wars, unruly mobs, riots, political conventions and Presidential press conferences — and all pale in comparison to the terror to going before a group of students and trying to teach them the basics of photography with a digital camera.

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Enough already

030805rain2.jpgOnly took one look at the sky Monday afternoon to see trouble on the way. Rain coming. Lots of rain. More moisture for a ground that is already soaked. Add high wind warnings in effect for most of Tuesday and we have, as the Grateful Dead once said: “Trouble ahead, trouble behind.”

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