Day: December 3, 2005

One year later

houseweb.jpgOne year ago today, we sat in a lawyer’s office in Christiansburg and closed the deal on purchase of our home in Floyd County. This wasn’t our first home purchase: We had bought and sold other properties in other towns and states but this would be our last home purchase. This, a rambling Cape Cod/Saltbox, 27-year-old house three-quarters the ways up a hill about five miles north of Floyd, is destined to be our home for the rest of our lives.

Didn’t start out that way: For years, we talked about building a new home on our farm in Carroll County – 105 acres tucked away along Burks Fork Creek near the Floyd County line. We looked at model homes, talked with architects, considered manufactured vs. stick-built and got estimates for site clearing. That remained the plan when we sold the condo in Arlington and started moving our belongings into storage units.

But the plan changed when we saw the house. Amy found it first while looking at properties for friends who also planned to leave Washington and move to the mountains. It was, she said, something we should look into. We did, loved it, and made an offer, singing a contract just days after accepting another one on sale of our home in Arlington.

On November 29, 2004, we left Arlington the last time as residents, our SUV packed to the roof rack with the remains of our belongings, and stopped at another lawyer’s office to close on the sale. Three days later, December 2, we completed the walk through of the home in Floyd. The next morning, we drove to Christiansburg for the closing, had breakfast, stopped at Lowe’s to order a washer and dryer, and then drove to our new home to take down the “For Sale” sign and celebrate with a bottle of sparkling cider.

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