Day: January 4, 2006

A moving story

The St. Lawrences, our very welcome house guests while waiting for their new Floyd County home to be declared ready for ocupancy, finally have water but they are not yet flush (something about the toilets not being “seated” and ready for use). With carpet being laid and appliances set for installation, they are no doubt looking forward to moving into their own home and expanding their world beyond our guest bedroom. Their two cats, Buffy and Sherman, may be wondering if home will ever again be more than one room.

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A number of comments are starting to appear on Blue Ridge Muse regarding articles that appear on Capitol Hill Blue, the political news web site that I have published since 1994.

While I appreicate any and all comments, I do try to keep Muse away from politics. It is a journal about life here in the country, not the hustle and bustle of politics that Amy and I left behind when we moved here a year ago.

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Decadent? Possibly. Relaxing? Absolutely

Just finished a soak in the hot tub, letting the massage of cascading 100-degree water wash away the stress, aches and pains of the day.

When we put our hot tub in shortly after buying the house, some told us it was a sign of decadence, of conspicuous consumption not in keeping with the simple mountain life.

Perhaps but we’ve never cared that much about what others say or think. For us, the hot tub is both therapeutic and enjoyable, a necessary part of life for two people with advancing arthritis and too many worn out body parts.

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