Day: January 25, 2006

Reality of country living

Like others who live and blog around here, I often talk of the many idyllic reasons that brought us from the urban life to the tranquility of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mountain life offers many advantages and I’ve written long, passionate essays praising such advantages. But there are drawbacks that lead to complaints, led — of course — by Amy’s constant desire for a Chinese restaurant that delivers (or at least offers carry out). You have to realize that my wife is a city girl and, to her, the five basic food groups are: Eat in, take out, canned, frozen and microwavable.

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Hyprocrisy wins

NBC pulled the plug on “The Book of Daniel” and the holier-than-thou bunch at the American Family Association is taking credit.

The tight-assed hypocrites at the AFA started a campaign against the show before it aired or before anyone had seen it because in their limited view of the world any show that suggests God might possibly have a sense of humor is sin beyond belief.

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