Day: March 25, 2006

Brothers in the Wind

032406cafedelsol1.jpg 032406cafedelsol2.jpgAn entertaining night at Frank and Sally Walker’s Cafe del Sol in Floyd, listening to the traditional and folk interpretations of Brother Wind, a trio that’s now a quartet and a popular act for local music buffs.

Brother Wind offers a lot of oldtime feelgood tunes mixed with some contemporary. Bassist Rusty May recently joined Dave Fason and Michael & Kari Thomas Kovick to round out the group and Kari recently released a CD of her works, recorded at Dave’s Undertoad Studios.

David St. Lawence, who’s becoming a master at upstaging, blogged live from Cafe del Sol Friday night, posting his impressions and photos during the evening’s entertainment by using the cafe’s wi-fi network..

I hope David knows this means war. I used wi-fi extensively while living and working out of Washington. I could shoot an assignment and then duck into a Starbucks or other establishment offering wi-fi to send my photos to the client immediately.

If a wi-fi network wasn’t immediately available, I’d use Verizon’s EVDO high speed wireless network to send material through a cell modem running at 768k.

On my last pro shoot before leaving Washington, I shot using a wi-fi adapter on my Nikon D2H. It sent the imges directly to a trailer where editors selected the photos, cropped them for use and sent them directly to Chicago to make an early evening deadline.

The EVDO modem went into a drawer when we moved to Floyd County but Citizens Telephone is developing a high-speed over the air network in the Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford area that will allow 3mb service through a laptop modem. Technology marches on and follows us into the mountains.

Also ran into Todd Christenson, the Virginia official who is ramrodding the $1 million Community Development Block that Floyd may or may not get, depending on whether or not the town can get its act together and put its traditional bickering on a back burner. Todd was taking his brother, who lives in California, on a tour of The Crooked Road, the Virginia music trail that includes Floyd’s music venues. 032406cafedelsol3.jpg

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