Day: August 18, 2007

God, homophobia and the GOP

Many things keep me from ever wanting to cast a vote for a Republican candidate for office but the most disgusting are the party’s unrelenting, unabashed homophobia and its inflexible belief that Christianity is the world’s only religion.

And this disgust comes from someone who, during a foray to the dark side of politics, worked for three GOP members of Congress and helped elect several more.

The party’s absolute intolerance towards gays surfaced in Floyd this week when the party of the elephant brought their slate of candidates for delegate and state senator to town and joined local candidates on the lawn of the county courthouse.

After rain chased the dog and pony show into the dryness of the circuit courtroom (and as a county resident I have to question the use of the courtroom for a political gathering), the candidates finished their spiel and then took questions.  There was only one: asking each candidate to take a stand on gay marriage and prayer at public meetings.

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