Day: November 20, 2007

Wi-Fi kind of town

Floyd is becoming a wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) mecca. Free Wi-Fi is now available at multiple locations throughout the town, including:

  • Cafe del Sol
  • The Floyd County Store
  • Oddfellas Cantina
  • Over the Moon
  • The Library
  • Subway
  • Pizza Inn

And probably other places that I have not yet discovered (Fred First says he was able to check his email one day while waiting for his wife outside Slaughters Grocery Store).

If you know of other areas in Floyd or other parts of the county, please let us know.

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Good eats

Lunch Monday at El Charro, Floyd’s new Mexican eatery: Good food, fast service and reasonable prices.

As expected for a restaurant open for just the second day, the place was packed. Two of Floyd’s lunch spots are closed on Mondays bu things were humming at El Charro in the basement of Winter Sun and upstairs at Cafe del Sol.

The menu is large and varied with a good selection of traditional Mexican entries. I had the lunch plate with a taco, burrito and rice. So did two companions at the table. One wanted beer but the restaurant does not yet have its ABC license (apparently, you have to be open for a while to get one) and, this being Floyd, the drinks are limited to wine and beer but you can get a non-alcoholic margarita or daiquiri.

El Charro is a welcome addition to Floyd’s restaurant offerings and fills the gap for those who want choices of where to eat on a Monday as well as the rest of the week. They should do well.

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