Day: December 26, 2007

Signs of the times

The marquee sign for Blue Ridge Muse went up Wednesday — the first one signifying the various businesses in The Village Green.  Others are slated for installation Thursday.

Owners of the Village Green concept too often faced a recalcitrant — and some might say backward thinking — Floyd Town Council reluctant to approve the designs for the project. Some council members say they fear the town will become a tourist destination (my God…imagine that). After much haggling, approval finally came but progress seldom comes easy as each step forward appears to require two steps back.

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The day after

Slow in Floyd today. A few people wander in to Cafe del Sol for coffee as I write this but, for the most part, the streets downtown are deserted. At the Floyd Country Store, owners Woody and Jackie Crenshaw gave the employees the day off and are manning the shop themselves. At lunchtime, a steady crowd came through.

Didn’t expect much activity on the day after Christmas. For many, this is just another work day. Schools remain closed for the week but most working stiffs are back on the job.

At the malls in Roanoke and Christiansburg, retailers hope for a strong post-Christmas shopping spree to make up for the lackluster sales before Dec. 25.

It many ways, it seems like the entire area, if not the nation, is holding its breath.

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