Day: April 9, 2008

The green, green grass of home…

…is getting greener and longer and that means pulling the John Deere out of the shed, sharpening the blades and hitting the hillside to mow our front yard (otherwise known as the South 40).

Each year, we say we are going to plant more trees and cut down the size of the yard (which takes at least a day and two tanks of gas to mow) and each year we don’t get around to planting the trees so the annual fight against grass,crabgrass, dandelions, weeds and thistles begins.

It’s man vs. nature…and nature always wins.

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Memo to racists: Stay the hell away from me

Somebody left an unsigned, multi-page racist screed taped to the front window of Blue Ridge Muse last night.

I only got through the first-page of the hate-filled diatribe aimed at Democratic Presidential contender Barack Obama before starting to retch. I ripped the pages into shreds and dumped them into the nearest trashcan.

Let’s get something straight up front: I despise racism and those who practice it. I have no patience with bigots, homophobes, racists and anti-Semites.

So stay the hell away from me. Don’t waste my time with your ignorance, your hate or your intolerance.

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