Day: January 22, 2016

Cruising with Jonas

Video action through the lens of a GoPro Hero4 mounting on a Jeep Wrangler while driving around the county Friday during Jonas.

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Snow falls and Floyd County copes

The snow Friday comes and goes in bands: Some heavy, some moderate, some light. Some ice mixed in. The forecasters still predict 15 to 20 inches before it all ends sometime Saturday night, followed by days of warmer rain and snow-melting rain. The storm is still classified as a blizzard.  Many secondary roads in Floyd

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There’s no business like snow business

Snow began falling at about 0500 (5:00 a.m.) in parts of Floyd County as the “big one” starts on a Friday morning. Schools, of course, are closed.  So are a number of businesses.  The Friday Night Jamboree is off and other musical events for Saturday are cancelled.k Reports of slick roads began appearing on social

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