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Daily Archives: February 25, 2016

Wind howled, tall tree broke in half

The top part of a poplar toppled by the wind near the house.
The top part of a poplar toppled by the wind near the house.
Where it broke about 45 feet off the ground.
Where it broke about 45 feet off the ground.

A loud crash shook our house Wednesday night while I was out on assignment and Amy said it scared the hell out of her.

“It was loud and felt like it struck the house,” she said.

With spotlight in hand I circled the house, starting at the northeast corner where she though the crash sound originated.  No apparent signs of damage on the sides or what I could see of the roof.  A lot of limbs on the ground.

After circling the house, I focused the light towards the woods close to the northeast side.  There appeared to be a large tree on the ground.  It looked about 70-75 feet high but the base did not contain any roots.  Shining the light around did not reveal any evidence of a toppled tree until I looked higher and found the top of one poplar sheared off about 40 feet up.

The chunk tree, fortunately, fell away from the house but sheared off a number of limbs on other trees and itself when it crashed down and some of those limbs lay on the ground near the corner of the house.

At daylight, I went back out and got a better look at the damage.  No marks, scuffs or broken spots on the house and all the shingles, replaced in 2013, weren’t damaged and none missing.

Looks like we got off easy.  If that large chunk of tree had fallen the other way the corner of our house could be laying in shambles with the chunks of broken timber all around.

Winds arrived with the hard rain on Wednesday and a wind alert remains in place until 7 a.m. and the National Weather Service is also predicting light snow showers for about and hour or so, starting at 5:15 p.m. Thursday.

Several hundred customers of Appalachian Power in Floyd County lost power during the day Thursday and while the county customers appear to be back with electricity, more than 4,000 customers from Bedford westward remain in the dark.

Floyd County, for the most part, got off light.  Storms elswhere, including tornadoes, struck in other parts of the Old Dominion, killing at least four and inflicting undetermined amounts of damage.  A tornado struck Waverly around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in Appomattox County left at least one dead and seven people injured.

Virginia State Police said the tornado cut an eight to ten mile path through the county.

The house near the broken tree (on the right).
The house near the broken tree (on the right).


With loss, Lady Buffs still in state tourney

Lady Buffaloes leading scorer Ragan Wiseman at the State Championship game in 2015.
Lady Buffaloes leading scorer Ragan Wiseman at the State Championship game in 2015.

Floyd County High School’s Lady Buffelos’ streak of blowout post-season wins ended Wednesday night with a hard-fought 64-53 loss to Ridgeview at the UVa-Wise Arena.

The loss, however, does not eliminate the team from contention for the Virginia High School League State Tournament that begins in Salem next week.  Their win in the first round of the regional playoffs gave them a spot in the state tourney.

They face Chatham in the 2A/West Regional consolation game in Wise at noon Saturday.  The outcome of the game determines match ups in the first round of the state tourney in Salem next week.

Even with the loss, leading Lady Buffaloes scorer Ragan Wiseman was honored Wedneday night for setting a new record in points for the team, breaking Brittany Avencini’s previous mark of 1,510 points.  Wiseman began the game with 1,534 points.

Wiseman’s game, however, ended with a sprained ankle with 12 minutes to go.

“It’s a bad sprain right now,” Buffaloes assistant coach Travis Cantrell told The Roanoke Times after the game.  “We’re going to have to wait and see how it’s feeling tomorrow.”

For Floyd Countians traveling to the game, the quickest route we have found is taking Interstate 81 to Abington (Exit 17) and then U.S. 58 Alternate to Wise (See map below).   That route is 161 miles from Floyd to Wise.

The University of Virginia-Wise campus is on the Southeastern edge of Wise.  It’s a three-hour drive with no traffic problems.

Ridgeview will face Union in the Regional Final Saturday evening.

All four of the teams in Saturday’s regional final will play next week in the state tournament in Salem.  The Lady Buffs have lost in regional play before and still made it to the state championship final four in Richmond.