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Valentines Day and Presidents Day on a single weekend

Looks like the time to engage in some romantic gift exchange with someone special this weekend for Valentine’s Day. Also, a day to honor Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. who — one might wonder — are rolling in their graves over what has happened to the position they once occupied as leaders of this

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Busy weekend as Christmas time’s a comin

Lots of pre-Christmas events for this weekend plus The Junior Sisk Band at the Floyd Country Store on Saturday night, Butch Robins Band at Dogtown on Friday evening, the Madrigal Dinner at Floyd County High School (also on Friday) and much more at music venues like Buffalo Mountain Brewery, Dogtown Roadhouse, and Wildwood Farms General

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Weekend activities: ‘Tis the season to be folly

Crisp, cold weather greets the holiday partygoers and shoppers this weekend in and around Floyd. Gusty overnight winds ease Thursday as temperatures rise a bit to the mid-40s Thursday before dipping back down to near freezing overnight, then 50 degrees on Friday and 43 on Saturday and Sunday. Good times to be inside as much

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The Madness of Black Friday

Retailers no longer limit big sales or discounts to the day after Thanksgiving. Some opened Thursday afternoon or lowered the prices on Wednesday. Others began promoting Black Friday prices in October.

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Remembering The Friday Nite Jamboree

In 1997, I was at Ramstein U.S. Air Force Base at Rhineland-Palatinate, a state in southwestern Germany, on assignment when I heard an airman talking nearby and recognized the accent. “Excuse me,” I said, “are you by any chance from Southwestern Virginia?” “Yes, I am,” he answered. “How did you now?” “I recognized your accent,”

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Weekend celebrates Jamboree at 35 plus more fun in the area

As the weekend approaches, Mother Nature is predicted to provide slightly warmer temperatures in the 40 for the daytime but return to freezing overnights throughout. Best solution? Head to your favorite music venue and keep warm inside with grooving with the tunes and dancing the night away. Thursday night provides Will and Jodie (aka Junior

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Music and more for this weekend

Second weekend of November brings cooler weather and perhaps a chance of snow. It also brings many things to do for fun and entertainment in and around Floyd. The Lady Buffaloes volleyball squad heads for Pearisburg Thursday for a second-round regional match against Giles. The Fork Mountain Ramblers play at Buffalo Mountain Brewery in Floyd.

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Large crowd, cool weather for Arts & Crafts Festival

A large throng moved through the myriad arts & crafts booths that filled both gymnasiums at Floyd County High School and overflowed out on the grass in front of the building for two-day Annual Arts & Crafts Festival in Floyd this year. More photos and a complete story by editor Ashley Spinx in the next

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Arts & Crafts Festival in Floyd this weekend

The annual Arts and Crafts Festival brings fans from around the region into Floyd this weekend for Saturday and Sunday of this week, signaling the start of October and Fall. Floyd County High School athletics also brings out sports fans Thursday and Friday with volleyball matches against Radford on Thursday and varsity football facing Giles

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A dog’s life can be a lot of fun

Floyd’s Warren Lineberry Park is a haven for dogs, even during the musical events.  They play with their owners and find the park a nice place to play and have a good time. The Americana Music Festival provided a good place for the pets who came with their owns to see and hear the music.

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