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March moon madness

Driving home from an assignment Monday night when I came up over a hill on Harvestwood Road and saw this moon rising over the trees. Now, this is a full moon.

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Floyd County moonscapes

Another beautiful autumn moon over Floyd County. Been shooting moon photos for more than 55 years and with newer equipment and long lenses, getting sharper and more detailed images is easier. This month’s full moon was captured with a 400 mm Canon lens with a 2X Tele-Extender on a EOS-1DS digital body from the top

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By the light of a silvery moon

The sky was not fully dark when I left downtown Floyd Saturday after a full day of shooting assignments for paper but I saw one last shot — a partial but bright moon over South Locust Street. A nice way to end a full day of shooting photos — my profession, my hobby and my

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Moon rise

Rising moon over the Floyd County High School Lady Buffaloes soccer match against Auburn Monday night in Floyd. A grab shot with a Canon EOS-1D X and a 70-200mm Canon zoom in the first half of the game.

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The moon…enhanced

I thought the clouds coming in on Saturday night might block out the moon that has shone so brightly this week but the clouds were broken as the moon rose in the early evening and I was able to shoot it on the rise, so to speak. This shot has a lot of enhancement in

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Winter moon and return of cold weather

An incredible moon hanging in the nighttime sky early this Saturday morning as the thermometer read a cold 24 degrees. The high Saturday may hit 38. Then back down below freezing Saturday night and nighttime lows will stay in the 20s and teens through the week with a forecast of snow — yes, snow —

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Dark nights, bright moon, freezing temps

Cold, clear nights provide an excellent canvas for this year’s “supermoon” and cameras have been busy over the last couple of nights.

Another drop to below freezing this morning. Thermometer on the back porch reads 26 at 0400. Suspect it is colder at other locations in the county.

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In the not-so-misty moonlight

As a photographer, I’ve long been fascinated by the moon. I remember long nights back in the 1960s with my trusty Nikon F on a tripod, with a 300mm manual focus lens, trying to capture the moon on Tri-X film and slow shutter speeds. The 300 didn’t get my image as close as I wanted

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Spring moon

Even when it’s not full, the moon in the sky is something to see. Caught this while photographing soccer at Floyd County High School on Monday night. Photographed hand-held on a Canon EOS-1D X with a 300mm Canon f/2.8 lens.

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