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Moon rise

Rising moon over the Floyd County High School Lady Buffaloes soccer match against Auburn Monday night in Floyd. A grab shot with a Canon EOS-1D

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The moon…enhanced

I thought the clouds coming in on Saturday night might block out the moon that has shone so brightly this week but the clouds were

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Dark nights, bright moon, freezing temps

Cold, clear nights provide an excellent canvas for this year’s “supermoon” and cameras have been busy over the last couple of nights.

Another drop to below freezing this morning. Thermometer on the back porch reads 26 at 0400. Suspect it is colder at other locations in the county.

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Spring moon

Even when it’s not full, the moon in the sky is something to see. Caught this while photographing soccer at Floyd County High School on

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A good or bad moon

Most of us got a good view of a full moon in the winter skies over the last few days.

Was it a good moon or a bad moon on the rise?

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