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A good or bad moon

Most of us got a good view of a full moon in the winter skies over the last few days.

Was it a good moon or a bad moon on the rise?

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Beautiful moon this weekend. Longtime readers know I’ve photographed the moon a lot over the years.  This time I decided to try and capture our closest celestial body via video, aided by some special effect from Final Cut Motion and Final Cut Pro X.

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April moon

The moon rose brilliantly over the horizon Friday night, castling a long light on the landscape. Captured with a Canon 5D, MK II and a 400mm f:2.8 Canon USM telephoto lens. Photo taken from Poor Farm Road in Floyd County, Virginia on Friday, April 6, 2012.

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Super Moon

This was last night’s full moon as viewed from the flatlands of the Midwest, where I’m currently traveling.  Scientists say tonight’s moon will appear at its closest position to earth in 18 years, creating a “Supermoon.” The moon was close enough so that I was able to capture this image using a Canon 70-200mm zoom

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