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A career where suprise springs from the unknown

As a reporter, I wake up each morning with a sense of the unknown that awaits. Even if I am assigned to cover a scheduled, routine event, I know that something new or interesting or unusual can create a good story. Tuesday brings Circuit Court, where anything can — and often does — happen.  A

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Living & working as a witness to history

  More than half a century in and around American politics — hardly an epitaph as one heads into his last years of life. I’ve lived through assassination of one American president and attempts on two others, a resignation of yet another president in disgrace, impeachment of still another, primarily for dallying with an intern in

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Taking a long, needed break to enjoy life

Time to step back, take stock and reconsider what to do with the remaining years of my life. Covering the midterm elections in this volatile election year took more out of my psyche than at any other point of such activity in more than half a century of covering elections or working inside the system

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Three days, four news stories

  Spent the best riding day so far of this 2018 sitting on my ass in Floyd County Circuit Court covering a jury trial of a 51-year-old man accused of sexually molesting a seven-year old girl back in 2010 in a barn along Buffalo Mountain Road. My hopes for a day of riding became the

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So much to cover, so little time

As a contractor who covers both the Floyd County Board of Supervisors and the Circuit Court as a reporter, and a photographer who tries to cover the increasingly busy high school sports schedule, I find a lot of conflicts. On Tuesday, I have a major court hearing that conflicts with the supervisors meeting, so Floyd

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I’m oversleeping too much. Time to get an alarm clock?

Some people complain about losing that hour of sleep when one advances the clock ahead to begin Daylight Savings Time each year. Usually, the time changes does not affect my sleeping or work habits.  My body adapts to the change and I still wake up around 5 a.m. each morning.  Been the same way even

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So much news, so little time…

Busy week on the news front here in Floyd County. Stories in The Floyd Press will report on a rare jury trial Monday on an even rarer instance of where the seven person jury spent most of the day deciding the verdict and punishment for a Fishersville man charged with reckless driving from an accident

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Lost in the middle of all this news

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning: One of those periods where my love of reporting the news and editing it on a national web site overwhelmed me. Arrived home Tuesday afternoon after alternating between the December board meeting of the Floyd County Supervisors and Circuit Court — a day where two events occurring at the same

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All the news that’s fit to read

At 10:04 a.m. Thursday, I started browsing newspapers and media web sites while eating breakfast at Bob Evans restaurant in Wytheville, VA.

By the time the plate that arrived filled with a spicy omelette, hash browns and wheat toast sat empty as the waitress filled the coffee cup for the umpteenth time. I had finished reading articles in the New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Roanoke Times, CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek and Time.

Where did I get all those papers and/or TV access? Online, of course, not on a laptop or a tablet, but the screen of my iPhone 7 wit the feed via Wi-FI provided by the restaurant.

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Sometimes it hurts to cover the news

After a day covering cases in Floyd County Circuit Court recently, a family member of a defendant who deputies led away to begin a prison sentence stopped me and demanded to know “what gives you the right to write about this case?  It is none of your business!” I tried to explain that what happens

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