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News never sleeps. Why should I?

The first three hours or so of each day of my week involves writing and editing stories, headlines, photo captions and deciding the layout and placement of articles on my political news web site. That’s been the routine for more than 22 years now, even while traveling for  business or pleasure.  I’ve performed the task

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Shooting, firing and sex topped 2016 news

We head into the final week of 2016, finishing the year in controversy but heading into another 12 months of much concern, controversy and consternation.

In Floyd County, we wrap up a year that saw a shooting of a deputy, firing of a controversial school superintendent, news of sexual abuse by a hardware store employee in Harrisonburg who talked a county high school student to pose nude and pleasure herself on a webcam and smartphone and merger of Floyd’s local bank with one in Grayson County.

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At least the coffee is still good

As I watched my first pot of coffee drop into the pot from our trusty (and now considered ancient) Bunn coffee maker at 0530 this morning, I started thinking  back about 50 years — a half century ago — to a time when a young man who just turned 19 sat in an old Victorian

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Enough already!

Time to get back to basics. It’s been a hectic and, in many ways, interesting year so far. Nationally, election of a political neophyte and vapid former television reality show host to the Presidency raised eyebrows and blood pressures, brought hoards of protestors into the streets across the country and increased worries about the future

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Yes, it’s cold outside…

We finally fired up our heating system last night. Good thing. The thermometer sits at 20 degrees on our back porch this morning.

Guess winter is rapidly approaching

Looks like adding anti-gel and winter supplement to the tractor Saturday afternoon.

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The ‘Net of our efforts

Celebrated the birth of the Internet over the weekend.  The World Wide Web began 25 years ago. Actually, it wasn’t a birth but an adoption.  Congress turned what was then “DARPANet” over to the National Science Foundation, taking the online service out of its secretive and classified world as an sharing of information (among those

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Long day, good mix of assignments

Working in journalism means few, if any, days that are the same.  Different stories, different assignments, different locations — all part of each and every day. Tuesday of this week provided a good example of what I do as a newspaperman for The Floyd Press: A full day with three assignments beginning with coverage of

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Why I do what I do

Threats, criticisms and personal attacks go with the territory when you cover news.  When a shooter killed John Lennon many years ago, I wrote about the public outcry over his murder and wondered in print if it was way too much fretting over the death of a former pop idol. That brought an anonymous threat

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Welcome to the new Blue Ridge Muse

This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality: you’re on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable…Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you’re entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. Next stop….The New Blue Ridge

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