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Getting old is a pain in the ass

Whoever called old age “the golden years” had a sick sense of humor. Old age brings aches and pains in places you didn’t know you had.  The wall we hit after too much activity is now closer and harder.  Doctors finish every sentence with “for your age.” Old age slapped me hard Thursday morning when

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A long, jury trial cramps my style

Spent most of 11 hours Monday sitting on a hard bench in the Floyd County Courthouse circuit courtroom covering a child pornography jury trial that did not end until after 8 p.m. Paid for it twice during the night when “nocturnal leg cramps” first seized my left lower calf and, a few hours later, the

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Better living through chemistry

Spent most of Saturday doing things I haven’t been able to do easily in recent weeks. What things? Oh, walking up and down steps without stopping to let the pain in my knees ease. Putting on my jeans in the morning without having to lean against a chest or wall while taking two or more

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The pain of things that hold you together

Woke up Sunday morning with my right leg — held together by pins, screws, braces and rods — throbbing and hot to the touch. Two straight days of working on my feet — first at the home opener of FCHS’s varsity football Buffaloes and second shooting video of the eighth season opener of the Floyd

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Oh, the pain of it all…

Ouch.  The orthopedist Monday poked and prodded.  He questioned and lectured.  He shook his head a lot. I have a lot of aches and pains. My left shoulder’s movement is limited.  My hands too often cramp and look like both are deformed.  I can’t pick up or hold things when they are like that. My

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Gout, gout damn toe!

Some kind of week.  Big toe on my left leg began hurting Friday.  I know the symptoms: Gout. Lots of NSAID anti-imflammatory meds.  Lots more water.  Rest.  Take it easy.  See the doctor on Monday. Call it age.  Call it bad karma.  Whatever you call it, the limitations of an older body catch up with

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When pain is your life partner

The offers of condolences and sympathy for my current — and so far, losing — battle with severe back pain are appreciated. So are the suggestions of cure. Even the gentle and not-so-gentle lectures for (1) trying to drive while in pain and taking medication or (2) not seeking help are welcome. But the tone

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I hear it was a nice weekend

I’m told a nice weekend covered the area. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my back problem increased to the point where I had to cancel out on covering the district high school football game between Floyd County and Fort Chiswell. When you can’t walk, you can’t roam the sidelines with cameras to catch football action.

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Playing with pain

I’ve always had this crazy macho idea that one does not let a little thing like sickness or injury stop you from doing your job. For 23 years, I never missed a day of work for sickness or injury.  I worked with the flu, with sprained or broken limbs and any other affliction. Three years

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Oh my aching back

Friday night, for the first time in my life, I had to walk off an assignment for a news organization. The Floyd Press assigned me to shoot Friday night’s season finale, along with “Senior Night,” for next week’s paper. I had been battling severe lower back pains for most of the week and took three

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