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A dog’s life can be a lot of fun

Floyd’s Warren Lineberry Park is a haven for dogs, even during the musical events.  They play with their owners and find the park a nice place to play and have a good time. The Americana Music Festival provided a good place for the pets who came with their owns to see and hear the music.

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Requiem for a beloved cat

Trouble came to us via a co-worker at The Eddie Mahe Company in Washington in 1995. She found the kitten shivering in the rain in a DC alley. He had survived among the other creatures of the night. The black-and-white kitten didn’t meow and make much of any sound. We never knew if the silence

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Friday the 13th

Three of our six cats are black so it would be easy to conclude that we’re not superstitious or worried about Friday the 13th. Yeah, right. The Vancouver Sun reports that cat poop can cause schizophrenia in humans. When you have six cats, cat poop is a fact of life. Message to Amy: I’m not

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