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By the light of a silvery moon

The sky was not fully dark when I left downtown Floyd Saturday after a full day of shooting assignments for paper but I saw one last shot — a partial but bright moon over South Locust Street. A nice way to end a full day of shooting photos — my profession, my hobby and my

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Post sunset on a Thursday night

As a photographer, I should be ashamed that I seldom use the camera that is always attached to my belt — my iPhone. It’s a good camera with decent resolution and usable color definition. I had just finished packing up my “professional” cameras in their padded bag Thursday night after shooting volleyball game photos for

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When an iPhone does the job

Shadow Grass and Gravel Road appear in a concert at The Floyd Country Store last year. Created with a Canon C100 professional video camera, a GoPro action cam and an iPhone 6S Plus.

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Sometimes it hurts to cover the news

After a day covering cases in Floyd County Circuit Court recently, a family member of a defendant who deputies led away to begin a prison sentence stopped me and demanded to know “what gives you the right to write about this case?  It is none of your business!” I tried to explain that what happens

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I’m a newspaperman. It’s what I do.

In 2015, 11 years after I got off my last coast-to-coast flight covering my last Presidential election as a photographer, a photo editor in Washington called to see if I might be interested in a contract to cover the 2016 Presidential election. The 13-month contract would take me around the country, away from Floyd and

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Favorite photos of 2016

End of the year.  Time to select favorite photos of the past 12 months.  I shot more than 10,000 images over the year and will close out my sports photography for 2016 Thursday night in Lady Buffaloes basketball action in Floyd. It’s been a fun year and, fortunately, we had a lot of photos from

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Enough already!

Time to get back to basics. It’s been a hectic and, in many ways, interesting year so far. Nationally, election of a political neophyte and vapid former television reality show host to the Presidency raised eyebrows and blood pressures, brought hoards of protestors into the streets across the country and increased worries about the future

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Where does the time go?

In a rare moment of lost time, Blue Ridge Muse was not updated on Wednesday, October 26. I ran out of time to get the job done. A long day Tuesday included a busier than normal court day that extended past lunch and a becoming normal board of supervisors meeting Tuesday night that included a

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A little slice of time

When photographing high school sports, I often try to look for a right instant of time to catch action or a look by an athlete or other patricipant that, I think, expresses the intensity of the sport. Sometimes, what I shoot is an accident that still gives a photos that I like: A football player

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Friday Night Lights

As weather prognosticators claim, warmer, more-Springlike weather is coming and even with cooler temperatures on Friday, the evening sky over The Winter Sun and The Country Store in Floyd was awash with color. Call it “Friday Night Lights.” Or the color of night.  

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