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Cool weather and hot topics

The temperature as this is written is 52 degrees and the forecasts expect a high of 55 before the day is out. That’s the good news.  Rain arrives around noon in Floyd County and is expected to drop wetness on us until about 4 p.m. as temperatures drop and Christmas Eve gets colder with highs

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Thoughts as we close out a tough year

Quite a weekend: 38th wedding anniversary with Amy on Friday and 70th birthday on Sunday. Time does, indeed, fly. Of course, celebrations took a backseat to assignments and work.  Amy and I hope to finally celebrate both these moments in our lives with seafood and lobster Monday before I head back into the final two

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Who now control’s Virginia’s House?

Two weeks after the November 7 election that brought the “iron-clad” control of Republican control of the Virginia House of Delegates to a race where one final tally could determine control of the chamber, the state board of elections has put a hold on certifying the final count. Seems Fredricksburg registrar Juana Pitchford “erroneously assigned”

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Tough times for Republicans in Virginia

Republicans in Virginia expected state and local elections this November to emerge as a bellwether state to showcase the appeal of Donald Trump and his bombastic style.E Exactly the opposite delivered a ominous message to the party of the elephant.  Democrats retained control of the governor, lt. governor and attorney general seats and sent several

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Too much hate and violence

  On Saturday of this past weekend, music fans braved threats and realities of rain to hear the best of old-time and bluegrass tunes as the Old Times Fiddler’s Convention wrapped up a little over 40 miles from Floyd. About 160 miles from Floyd, three people died during a violent demonstration of hate and racism

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Washington: Too much politics

  For the first six years of our time in Washington, DC, I worked for the Republican party in one form or another. My first job in the nation’s Capital was press secretary to longtime GOP Congressman Paul Findley of Illinois .  It was a change from being a newspaper reporter who wrote news stories

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Summer finally arrives

Welcome to the Solstice, the longest day of the year and the “official” beginning of the summer season. In a culture dominated by calendar designations controlled by sales and promotions, most feel like summer has been upon us for a while.  Memorial Day is often considered the “start of summer.”  Whenever schools let out for

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