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Recount wipes out GOP majority in Virginia House of Delegates

Power shifted dramatically this week after a recount in the 94th Virginia House Direct shifted a 10-vote win by Republican incumbent David Yancey to a loss by 1 vote to Democrat Shelly Simons. The change leaves the the state house died 50-50 in seats and forces the Republican Party to learn to share and compromise

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Who now control’s Virginia’s House?

Two weeks after the November 7 election that brought the “iron-clad” control of Republican control of the Virginia House of Delegates to a race where one final tally could determine control of the chamber, the state board of elections has put a hold on certifying the final count. Seems Fredricksburg registrar Juana Pitchford “erroneously assigned”

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Tough times for Republicans in Virginia

Republicans in Virginia expected state and local elections this November to emerge as a bellwether state to showcase the appeal of Donald Trump and his bombastic style.E Exactly the opposite delivered a ominous message to the party of the elephant.  Democrats retained control of the governor, lt. governor and attorney general seats and sent several

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Election Day: Cutting through the fog of politics

Fog this morning.  Lots of fog. Appropriate, it seems, since this is Election Day. Floyd Countians have choices for a change, if wanted, for their Supervisor in the Courthouse District between current office holder Casey Clinger or Jerry Boothe, who held the seat for many years until giving it up in 2009. Either way, the

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Tuesday’s primary shows too much anger

In statewide results from Tuesday’s Republican primary for governor, the extremism that has consumed the GOP threw a scare into the party of the elephant as self-declared “Trump mini-me” Corey Stewart took his campaign of hate to within a percentage point of victory over Ed Gillespie in his campaign to destroy what little sanity is

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Four days & 1,143.7 miles of fun

Early on Wednesday of this past week, I fired up my Harley Davidson Switchback shortly before 0600, set one of my two trip odometers to 00.0 and headed Northeast on U.S. 221 towards Roanoke for the first of four days of the Merging Mountains Motorcycle Rally staged by the Harley Owners Group (HOG). As a

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Why bigotry is such a hot button for me

For much of long and adventurous life, my chosen profession as a newspaper reporter and photographer has been an incredible way to make a living. The sad existence of bigotry and racism are defining reasons. As a youngster going to school in racially-divided Farmville, Virginia, I turned to words and photos to expose what I

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Yes, it’s cold outside

The “Special Weather Statement for Floyd County, Virginia” from the Roanoke/Blacksburg National Weather Service Office says it all. .. Surge of arctic air to produce low wind chills… Arctic air will spill in on gusty northwest winds into Friday morning. This will send temperatures into the teens to lower 20s late tonight across the mountains.

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In the not-so-misty moonlight

As a photographer, I’ve long been fascinated by the moon. I remember long nights back in the 1960s with my trusty Nikon F on a tripod, with a 300mm manual focus lens, trying to capture the moon on Tri-X film and slow shutter speeds. The 300 didn’t get my image as close as I wanted

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