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People are the show on Friday nights

On a summer Friday night in Floyd, Virginia, the people are often the show. The fill the streets to hear the music and experience the ambiance that is this Blue Ridge Mountain town in Southwestern Virginia. On this Fourth of July weekend, the weather was perfect and so was the evening. More photos in the

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Dancing in the streets

Dancing in the streets and on the stages at The Friday Night Jamboree and the streets of Floyd on the last Friday night of June.

It was, of course, a good time had by all.

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Dancing up a storm

They danced — young and older — on the streets and in The Friday Night Jamboree on a hot, muggy evening for the last weekend of June. These images are frame grabs of video shot.  With luck, the video will be up by Sunday.  

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Christmas in our small town

A video Christmas card from Amy and I and Blue Ridge Muse. This was shot in 2013 and still stands, I hope, as a look at Christmas in our small town.

Merry Christmas.

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Confederate display issue continues

Looks like things Confederate, or the desire to purge them from American society, will continue into 2016. New Orleans kept the debate brewing this week with Mayor Mitch Landrieu signing a new law to remove statutes of Gen. Robert E. Lee, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard.  Also slated for removal is a monument

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Sheriff’s Department retirees will be missed

Three members of Floyd County’s sheriff’s department retire at the end of this year. Sheriff Shannon Zeman is stepping down and looking forward for retirement after three terms in the top job and 27 years with the department.  He is joined by chief investigator and longtime friend Jeff Dalton who will concentrate full-time as pastor

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Natural Bridge ‘ain’t what it used to be’

Last year, about 18 months ago, new owners took over Natural Bridge south of Lexington with plans to revive the the place called on one the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World.” Now the plan, which included turning the attraction into a Virginia State park is in trouble with debts piling up and the sewage

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Luke, Abby & Laurel

The duo of Luke & Abby added a third member last weekend to their appearance at Americana Afternoon: Violist Laurel Brooke who used to play for Scott Perry’s Three Shades of Blue.

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Yes, we live in violent times

The violent and tragic deaths WDBJ journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward while shooting a live segment at Smith Mountain Lake Wednesday morning brought a chorus of “how can something like this happen here?” Sadly, such things happen just about everywhere nowadays and has been happening here for some time. Two journalists died at the

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Dancing and more

Music in the streets and on stage at the Friday Night Jamboree in Floyd. Those who shuffled their feet and shake it often get as much attention, or even more, than those playing the music on the stages in the Jamboree or in the alcoves on the street. It’s Friday night in Floyd and the

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