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Luke, Abby & Laurel

The duo of Luke & Abby added a third member last weekend to their appearance at Americana Afternoon: Violist Laurel Brooke who used to play for Scott Perry’s Three Shades of Blue.

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Yes, we live in violent times

The violent and tragic deaths WDBJ journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward while shooting a live segment at Smith Mountain Lake Wednesday morning brought a chorus of “how can something like this happen here?” Sadly, such things happen just about everywhere nowadays and has been happening here for some time. Two journalists died at the

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Dancing and more

Music in the streets and on stage at the Friday Night Jamboree in Floyd. Those who shuffled their feet and shake it often get as much attention, or even more, than those playing the music on the stages in the Jamboree or in the alcoves on the street. It’s Friday night in Floyd and the

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Grin and bear it

The black form on the side of the road on U.S. 221 near Bent Mountain early Sunday morning was too large for a cat as I approached it on my motorcycle around 7:30 a.m. while riding to Buchanan for breakfast. It was a black bear cub, ambling along the road.  If mama  bear was around,

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What is racism?

Floyd resident Rob Neukirch, the male half of a mixed-race couple who are proud parents of Preston and Cooper Neukirch, says he ran into what he feels is racism in Floyd last Friday night. Neukirch ran into Tim Boone who promoting a motorcycle poker run to hype the Confederate Flag that is under fire from

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Virginia is not for all lovers

New signs at entrances to the Old Dominion have scrapped the timeworn Cardinals and Dogwoods for the slogan: “Virginia is for lovers.”

Really? All lovers? Or just certain ones?

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Goodbye to Terpenny

Floyd Town Manager Lance Terpenny is retiring from his job at the end of the year and the Town Council hosted a going away party Thursday evening after the final council meeting of the month and year. Terpenny, who took over the town manager position after a long tenure in the same position in Christiansburg,

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